Samsung Health

1. What it does

Allows you to synchronize data between Sleep as Android and Google Fit.

  • Automatic export of your sleep duration and times and heart rate into Samsung Health.

  • Automatic import of 3rd party sleep lengths and heart rate into Sleep.

  • Automatic synchronization of the #sport tag based on your fitness activity recorded in Samsung Health.

  • Automatic import of walking sessions during the night (considered as awake, not considering sleep walking).

2. Where to find it

Settings → Services → Samsung Health

3. Guide

3.1. How to connect to Samsung Health

Figure 1. Install Samsung Health, start it up.
Figure 2. In Sleep as Android, enable Settings → Services → Samsung Health.
Figure 3. Grant all permissions to Sleep as Android
Figure 4. Tap the button to sync your data to S Health
Figure 5. Uploading…​
Figure 6. You can go back to Settings. Samsung Health is now enabled.
Figure 7. You can see your sleep data in Samsung Health.
Figure 8. Detail of one tracked night.

3.2. Synchronization

There are two sync methods:

  • normal sync: saves data for the past 2 weeks. Sync happens everytime sleep tracking ends, or when you create a sleep record manually. Also everytime you start the app, if a sync did not happen in the past 24 hours.

  • full sync: saves data for the past 5 years. Can be triggered from Settings > Services > Samsung Health (you have to toggle off and on) > Upload (button in the lower right corner)

Note Heart rate data are exported/imported only for the past 7 days in both normal and full sync (because they are computationally intensive).